Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hear our voices: Vote for John Kerry on Nov. 2

Welcome to our audio blog, companion to our coalition's home at We are a national, grassroots collective formed to promote the interests our diverse Asian and Pacific Islander American communities by supporting John F. Kerry for President.

It houses recorded statements by prominent APIAs who have joined our coalition to endorse Senator Kerry. It also contains "field reports" and personal stories recorded by APIA volunteers who are traveling tirelessly across the country, urging our communities to stand up, be counted and vote for Senator Kerry on November 2.

The files here may be copied, shared, linked to or downloaded, and broadcast online, through broadcast media or in public without prior permission, provided that the substance of the speakers' messages remain intact and unedited. Additional reprintable essays, features, opinions and other materials are available at

On November 2, APIAs can have an unprecedented influence on the course of our country's future if we all turn out to perform our duty as citizens. Please join our effort to give John Kerry and ourseleves a long-awaited chance to build a safer and stronger America, both on the world's stage and here at home.



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